Pre-Conference Workshops

Tuesday, June 11

Helping Entrepreneurs Navigate the Money Map - POSTPONED

This workshop has been postponed (new date and time TBD). Please contact us with any questions. 

Just as certain as death and taxes: entrepreneurs will always need access to capital. But not all forms of capital are appropriate for all types of businesses, or at various stages of business development. With the growing number of alternative financing options comes the need for well-informed guides to help entrepreneurs navigate their best path along the Money Map.

This workshop is ideal for anyone who advises, coaches, trains, or mentors entrepreneurs; including but not limited to SBDC advisors, loan officers, consultants, contract CFOs, incubators, and economic development organizations. We will take a deep dive into existing and emerging types and sources of capital: debt, equity, near-equity, revenue-share, crowdfunding, and more. We’ll explore the relevance and benefits of the various forms of capital based on businesses’ ownership structure, industry/sector, development stage, current financing situation, and especially the long-term goals of the business owner. Participants will come away with tools, models, and information to help their entrepreneur clients understand, identify, and access the right types of capital to grow their business.

Led by Janice Shade, founder of the Initiative for Local Capital and co-founder of Milk Money VT, an intrastate investment crowdfunding platform driving investment to local Vermont businesses. She is an entrepreneur and marketing/finance professional with 20 years’ experience in brand management, strategic planning, and financial analysis. Previously, she served as the Founder/CEO of TrueBody Products, a founding board member/Executive Director of Local First Vermont, and the CFO/VP Operations of Mamava, Inc. Janice has advised dozens of businesses on capital structure and fundraising strategy and serves on the board of the National Coalition for Community Capital.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 9:00 am – 12:00 pm at TechTown Detroit. $45 per participant. 

Starting a Community Capital Movement in Your Community

The National Coalition for Community Capital presents a workshop on how to engage stakeholders and activate your community around community capital projects, in conjunction with the ComCap19 conference.

Do you wish that your community had more businesses or better businesses, more or better public spaces, or just more buy-in? Do you see the advantages of retaining and using the capital and resources that are already in your community? Don’t know how to get started? This workshop is for you.

Hear firsthand stories of communities who have come together to solve collective problems, self-determine their economic futures, and improve their cities and towns. Led by Chris Miller, lead economic developer for the City of Adrian, Michigan, this workshop will provide you with the tools necessary to start a Community Capital movement in your community. Chris speaks across the nation on economic development strategies, notably on investment crowdfunding, public-private partnerships, and the community capital movement. He led Michigan’s investment crowdfunding law, working with advocates in the legislature and across the state, and serves on the board of the National Coalition for Community Capital.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 9:30 am – 12:00 pm at TechTown Detroit. $40 per participant. 

Post-Conference Workshops

Friday, June 14

Post-ComCap19 Meetup – Now What?!

We’re calling together folks from Washtenaw and Lenawee Counties to join us for a post-ComCap19 conference debrief and action meetup. This will be a great opportunity to meet others who are interested in community capital and to talk about what you might want to do with this new knowledge. Not sure if you should come? Here are some clues this might be for you!

  • Did you attend the conference and now you’re all jazzed up to take one specific idea home to your town?
  • Did you not get to attend the conference and now you’re wondering what you missed?
  • Did you just get to attend one day and you feel like you learned just enough to be dangerous?
  • Or maybe you don’t even know what we’re talking about here because you’ve never heard of ComCap19!

Whichever one of these describes you, you are welcome in this space! Co-hosted by Revalue and the National Coalition for Community Capital (NC3).

Community Investment Funds: Taking Community Capital to Scale

Join the National Coalition for Community Capital and Cutting Edge Capital to learn how to create a community investment fund in your community. This workshop is presented at TechTown Detroit in conjunction with the ComCap19 conference

Community capital represents a paradigm shift, enabling everyone to participate in and benefit from the economy on a level playing field. But how do we scale it up? Community investment funds offer a way to efficiently tap into community capital and provide opportunities for everyone in every community to invest in their own community.

Some say it can’t be done. It can. And we’ll show you how. This workshop will focus on how to navigate through the multiple layers of regulation and will identify legal strategies that you can use to build a fund in your own community, including a charitable loan fund, a real estate fund, a pooled income fund, and several others.

Led by Brian Beckon, Managing Attorney of Cutting Edge Capital. Brian is an attorney with over twenty-five years of experience working for nonprofits, start-ups, and publicly-traded companies. As a principal of both Cutting Edge Capital and Cutting Edge Counsel, Brian’s work is now focused on direct public offerings, corporate structuring, and strategies for community capital to help build a more equitable economy. Brian has served as General Counsel for RSF Social Finance, Clean Power Finance, and LendZoan; and before that as Corporate Counsel for Sybase and Catellus Development Corporation. He earned his J.D. from the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law and started his legal career with the North Bay law firm of Gaw Van Male. Brian is a member of the California Bar and serves on the boards of the Mount Diablo Music Education Foundation, the National Coalition for Community Capital, and the Neto Community Network.

Friday, June 14, 2019 9:30 am – 12:00 pm at TechTown Detroit. $20 per participant. 

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