June 11-13, 2019

Detroit, MI

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Thank you to everyone who came to Detroit for ComCap19! The conference featured over 150 highly engaged attendees who are leaders in the community capital field. There were high level conversations on issues such as community engagement in opportunity zones,...


The following interview with ComCap19 speaker Margo Dalal was published in Model D on June 19, 2019.  ComCap, the National Coalition for Community Capital’s annual conference on using community capital to promote shared prosperity, finished in Detroit last week at the...

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ComCap19, presented by the National Coalition for Community Capital (NC3), is a multi-day gathering that offers a unique educational and networking opportunity for all those working toward equitable, resilient, and engaged communities. Join community leaders, ecosystem builders, entrepreneurs, investors, citizens, and practitioners from across the country to share community capital models, mechanisms, and best practices to grow their local economies in ways that are participatory and promote shared prosperity.

“Within low-income communities, there are brilliant and creative leaders with a vision of what their communities should be: vibrant and safe neighborhoods that provide quality educational and economic opportunities for all residents. We must empower those leaders to build thriving neighborhoods and create pathways that allow everyone to participate in the economic renewal of their communities. Community capital seeks to do just that. I am so excited to connect with others who are grappling with how investments can have meaningful, local impact and provide equitable wealth-building opportunities for people from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.”

Lexx Mills

Impact Investment Associate, Port Covington Development Team

“Michigan has long been the canary in the coal mine — as Detroit goes, so goes the rest of the country. The reverse is now proving to be true — as Michigan continues to innovate and reinvent itself, communities across the country are seeing how they, too, can recapture capital that was once sent out of their community and turn it toward good work in their own backyard.”

Angela Barbash

Co-Founder, Revalue

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College for Creative Studies
Benson & Edith Ford Conference Center
in Detroit, MI


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