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 “ComCap” is our shortcut for community capital—meaning money that comes from the community and returns to the community, building wealth and economic vitality.

New crowdinvesting laws have been passing across the country—now in 36+ states—and they create unprecedented opportunities for localizing capital. Let’s harness them for good.

Most of our money, in nearly every form—from purchases to mortgages to savings accounts to investments—leave town the minute they leave our wallets, heading for Wall Street. This system has slowly drained our local economies of usable capital, and continues the economic erosion we see in towns across across America.

Advocates of all kinds, from local investing experts to slow money champions to impact investors, are building a re-localizing movement to strengthen local economies, using these new tools. But it takes some learning, and reading, and homework to really get it. So, read on as we try to help you grok the goodness!

First, listen to our free podcast series.

Explore all the connection points inherent in community capital, from social enterprise and impact investing to regional economic development. Listen to Amy Pearl as she provides an overview of community capital, hear from Michael Shuman who makes it crystal clear why this matters to local economies, City Councilman Timothy Barrett as he describes the new role of government leaders, or Marco Vangelisti break down money, myths, and how the financial system works.

Second, join us at ComCap17.

Economic and community developers, lawyers, regulators—leaders interested in bringing capital back into their communities—contribute their experiences and expertise to the ComCap17 Conference. It’s September 10 – 13 in Monterey, CA. You should come. Get your tickets here.

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