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#7: Investor Education

  • Understanding Values and Assessing Risk
  • Diversifying Your Portfolio with Local Investments
  • Which Pot of Money Should My Local Investments Come From?

#6: Legal Primer for Entrepreneurs

  • Choosing The Right Legal Entity For Your Company with Kate Kilberg from Catalyst Law
  • What the Law Requires When Fundraising with Aeron Teverbaugh from Oregon’s Division of Financial Regulation
  • The Right Approach to Fundraising: Transparency and Trust with Yoon Shin from Catalyst Law
  • What You Should Know About the Law with Joe Wallin from Carney Badley Spellman

#5: Making Money Matter

  • Proven Policies for Civic Funds with Michael Shuman
  • Putting Your Money Where Your Food Is with Narendra Varma
  • New Ways Non-Profits can Raise Funds with John Katovich
  • Not Just Another CDFI with Robin Wang
  • Building Main Street Funds with Brian Beckon

#4: Dealing with Money

  • What is Money? with Marco Vangelisti
  • How to Ask for Money with Gregg Semler
  • Understanding the Deal: Equity and Debt with Brian Beckon
  • Understanding the Deal: Revenue Sharing and Convertible Notes with Brian Beckon
  • Blockchain Based Finance with Jon Underwood

#3: Introduction to Local Investing

  • Introduction to Community Capital with Michael Shuman
  • What’s Wrong with Wall Street? with Marco Vangelisti
  • Local Stock Exchanges with John Katovich
  • Big Game Hunting with Michael Shuman

#2: ComCap16—State-Level Implementation

  • Small Business Is Not A Day
  • Educating and Protecting Investors
  • Working with Economic Business Development Networks
  • Entrepreneurs Raising Community Capital
  • States Share Implementation Strategies
  • Rolling Up Our Sleeves with Michael Shuman
  • Building A Startup Ecosystem
  • Turning City Leaders into “Community Quarterbacks”
  • Want Everyone at the Table? Take the Tables to Them
  • How To Use Media In Your Message
  • Patient Capital for Food, Brew and Farms
  • The Future of Social Enterprise Funding
  • Involving the Crowdfunding Generation
  • Engaging Native Entrepreneurs

#1: ComCap16—National Conversation

  • Understanding Your State Regulators
  • What Data Should We Track About State Crowdfunding?
  • Small Business Is Not A Day
  • Understanding Money, Investing and Wall Street
  • How to Make the Shift From Buy Local to Invest Local
  • National Status – Progress & Challenges
  • Rural – The 90-20 Challenge
  • Creative Deal-making Is Now Possible
  • Equitable Access to Entrepreneurship
  • State Stock Exchanges
  • Oregon’s Approach

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