Cultivate Community Capital in Your State

Every year, Hatch Innovation organizes a national conference to bring community capital cultivators from across the country together to learn, connect, and share their states’ experiences. Although this is a national movement, it is on the community and state level where real traction takes place. That’s why we offer licensing packages for local partners to host regional ‘ComCapX’ conferences.

PURPOSE: A ComCapX event is held to educate local and regional leaders on how to leverage their intrastate securities crowdfunding laws, cultivate community capital, and to coordinate actions they can take locally when making policy, legal, and fundraising plans.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will I be responsible for as the local host?

The local host is responsible for:


  1. Secure venue and coordinate all location logistics
  2. Sponsorship: Owner will solicit sponsors, meet with potential sponsors, negotiate terms of sponsorships, manage free tickets, coordinate their logo placement, and ensure they are acknowledged in all media.
  3. Secure Prospective Community Partners and Media Partners (outreach partners, relevant nonprofits, media outlets): Owner will solicit and secure potential community partners that will commit to helping get the word out, market via their newsletters and social media channels, and help with securing ticket sales.
  4. Communications: Promotion and Marketing: Owner will write press releases, develop social media campaign, promote messages throughout the partnerships, schedule interviews with local radio, etc.
  5. Regional and local event coordination
  6. Finalize budget and be responsible for all associated conference payments
  7. Event coordination and communication with venue, speakers, special guests, sponsors and exhibitors
  8. Proper use of approved ComCapX branding and materials
  9. Manage ticket sales and update Hatch Innovation regularly
What will Hatch Innovation be responsible for?

Hatch Innovation serves as co-host and support, licensing the branding for ComCapX:


  1. Provide weekly, ongoing coordination and promotional support
  2. Design and supply unique conference logo
  3. Design and provide unique conference graphics & assets with branding guidelines
  4. Host detailed website page via
  5. Provide program support
  6. Design and provide templates for sponsorship packet and conference program
  7. Create a customized Sponsorship Package
  8. Limited promotion through Hatch publications and media channels
  9. Recruit program keynote and session speakers from other states
  10. Alignment with NC3
  11. Assist with messaging
  12. Assistance of on-site logistics and coordination support during conference
  13. Inclusion of on-site promotional table (ComCapLearn)
  14. Right to record conference sessions for ComCapLearn
How much will it cost?

Costs range from $4,000-$30,000 depending on the size of your event and level of assistance needed. Please contact our Events Director and Conference Organizer at

Want to host a ComCapX? Have questions? Contact us!

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