An Exclusive Sneak Peak of the Program for ComCap19!

Plenary Sessions:

  • Community Capital Trends: What’s happening in the field now and where is it headed?
  • The State of Community Capital in Michigan: How Michigan is leading the country in community capital policy and what’s happening on the ground. 

Breakout Sessions:

  • Community Capital 101: What is community capital and why does it matter?
  • Models and Opportunities for Shared Prosperity: What does community capital look like in practice?
  • Starting Conversations About Community Capital: How to introduce the concept of community capital and start conversations about it in your community. 
  • Raising Capital with Investment Crowdfunding: Overview of state and federal frameworks to raise money using investment crowdfunding and stories from those who have done so successfully.
  • Community Engagement in Opportunity Zones: Recommendations, best practices, and deal structures that include community engagement and input in Opportunity Zone projects. 
  • Community Capital in Communities of Color: Exploring the benefits and challenges of implementing community capital in diverse communities. 
  • Democratic Governance of Capital: How community investment funds can not only source but also manage capital with the input of their constituents. 
  • Lessons Learned from the Front Lines: Stories and case studies of successes and failures in community capital.
  • Cross-Sector Partnerships for Collaborative Economic Development: How private investors, government, corporations, and the community can work collaboratively to structure and finance projects.
  • Using Community Capital to Finance Real Estate Projects: Case studies of how community capital finance has been used for real estate. 
  • Community-Based Food Finance Strategies: Case studies of innovative deal structures that have been used to finance food businesses in communities across the country. 
  • Is Community Capital Political: Exploring how community capital fits into our current political discourse.  
  • Community Power: Using Community Capital to Create Local Green Energy Economies
  • Troubleshooting Community Capital: What is Needed to Advance Movement?
  • Ownership Structures for a Regenerative Economy: How ownership and corporate structure can reinforce mission. 
  • Restorative Economics: Can Capital Help Heal Communities?
  • Impact Measurement in Community Capital: Metrics and data needed to advance the field.
  • Financing Cooperative Businesses: Models that can be used to finance cooperative businesses. 

Speakers and final session descriptions will be added to the conference website in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!