CCTP001: Introduction to the Concept of Community Capital

with Amy Pearl

CCTP001: Introduction to the Concept of Community Capital

with Amy Pearl

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The Community Capital revolution is unfolding across this country. From small towns to metropolitan city centers, localizing our money to strengthen communities has become a rallying cry for food cart vendors in Detroit, small manufacturers in Oregon, and pub owners in Indiana, to name a few. If you are a community advocate, you’re a community capital advocate. Now is the time to learn more. That’s what this podcast is about.

Amy Pearl

Founder and Executive Director, ComCap and Hatch Innovation

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Amy Pearl, Hatch Innovation


Michael Shuman, Economist and Author

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Proven policies that have enabled entrepreneurs and small businesses to find success
  • The pros and cons of community crowdfunding portals and how state laws can affect them
  • Models for community funds and exemptions from legal oversight that have worked in Canada
  • About Securities and Exemptions and how they play a role in capital fundraising
  • Examples of laws and small tweaks to laws that have a low risk of passing and do a great deal of good in communities
  • How community banks can be a viable alternative to larger international banks for holding civic funds
  • How Municipal Bonds can serve as seed capital for local businesses
  • Laws that come into play when thinking about securities issuance and trading within a state



Any non-collatoralized investment instrument that carries a rate of return.  Can take different forms i.e. equity, debt, etc.

Pathways around the onerous securities registration requirements that allow smaller companies to issue securities.

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